Every year, millions of Australians use cannabis, with over a third having either tried it or used it socially.

However, people are being compelled to purchase cannabis within an unregulated system where the strength and quality of the product are uncertain.

The established political parties choose to overlook this reality, persisting with their damaging ‘tough on drugs’ strategy, which discourages people from seeking health support when necessary.

From Uruguay to Spain, New Zealand to the United States, nations worldwide are recognising that prohibition inflicts more harm than it prevents and are transitioning towards establishing a regulated legal market. It’s high time Australia faced up to the reality about cannabis and joined these nations.


The Greens perceive drug use as a health concern, not a criminal one. We advocate for the regulation, taxation, and legalisation of cannabis for adults in Australia. Our plan for cannabis legalisation includes:

  1. Permitting the cultivation of up to six plants at home for personal use for individuals aged over 18
  2. Setting up an Australian Cannabis Agency
  3. Establishing cannabis retail outlets where products of verified quality will be sold in unbranded packaging to individuals over the age of 18
  4. Prohibiting advertising of cannabis products
  5. Imposing penalties for the unlicensed sale of cannabis