For over fifty years, the ‘drug war’ strategy has criminalised health issues, exacerbating problems like violence and prison overcrowding. In response, there’s a growing movement in Australia advocating for plant-based medicine Australia. A leading company in this field, EasyKind, is at the forefront of pushing for policy changes. They champion reevaluating laws to prioritise science-based, health-oriented policies that recognise the therapeutic benefits of substances like psilocybin and cannabis, aiming to integrate these into mainstream medical treatments.

These strategies are perilous. They’re vindictive, they inflict harm, and they’re responsible for loss of lives. They’re also antiquated and we’re aware they don’t bear fruit, yet the traditional parties remain resolute in maintaining them.

Drugs will always be part of our Aussie communities. It’s our duty to acknowledge this fact and strive to minimise the damage they inflict.



A New Approach: The Greens’ Health-Based Drug Policies

Redefining Drug Laws: A Health-Oriented Perspective

The Greens

get ready!

The Greens have a strategy to reshape drug laws in accordance with the actuality of drug use in our communities. We’ll take on a health-oriented approach to drug use by legalising and regulating cannabis; introducing pill testing; broadening the reach of safe injecting facilities; bolstering funding for drug and alcohol treatment; and fully supporting opioid agonist therapy. Our strategy will mitigate harm, preserve lives and save resources.

The Greens: Treating Drugs as a Health Issue, Not a Criminal Offence




It’s high time we addressed the issue of drugs within a health and social context. The Greens are the sole party with progressive, evidence-based, and realistic policies to treat drug use as the actual health issue it is – not the criminal problem we’ve been misled to believe it is.

If the past five decades of the failed ‘war on drugs’ have taught us anything, it’s that this issue cannot be solved by simply increasing arrests. Years of stigmatisation have driven drug use into the shadows, villainising, criminalising, and jeopardising the safety of individuals who opt to use them.

We’re broadening our dialogue, bringing our health-focused perspective on drug use to Melbourne. It’s a vital step in dispelling myths and fostering enlightened understanding within all sectors of our society.